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LW Bogdanka has obtained a licence for mining in the Ostrów deposit

LW BOGDANKA S.A., the most modern and effective hard coal mine in Poland, a member of the Enea Group, one of the leaders in Poland’s power market, has obtained from the Minister of the Environment a mining licence for extraction of hard coal from the Ostrów deposit in the Ludwin Mining Area, with the exploitable resources of about 186 million tonnes.   

Obtaining the licence is key for the pursuance of the Company’s plan to double its exploitable resources, as announced in the “Development Strategy of LW Bogdanka S.A. Mining Area of the Enea Group until 2025”. In addition, the Company wants to expand the resources of the Bogdanka field by further ca. 33 million tonnes. In total, Bogdanka will be able to increase its resources from the current approx. 227 million tonnes to approx. 446 million tonnes and extend the mine’s life span to ca. 50 years (from about 25 years at present).  

The mining in the Ostrów deposit will be effected in two stages. The first stage assumes mining based on the existing underground infrastructure. Launching the first wall is scheduled for 2020. In the second turn, between 2025 and 2030 vertical deposits are planned to be made available for mining and the necessary facilities and technical infrastructure will be built. Preliminary estimates show that the total capital expenditures required to build such infrastructure will amount to PLN 1.2 - 1.3 billion (in real terms). The target mining levels are to be reached in the Ostrów deposit around 2030.
Further, the Company is continuing to analyse the K-6, K-7 and “Orzechów” deposits as prospective areas for future mining operations. 


“Obtaining the mining licence for the Ostrów deposit is a very important step in performing the plan to double the Company’s exploitable resources, as we have announced in our Strategy. Increasing the resources base means that now we are able to plan in the long term, secure the mine’s development, and in consequence - ensure stability of employment for further generations of miners. This will also serve for retaining Bogdanka’s position of one of the most important companies in the region, contributing to the development of the Lublin region. Increasing the base of resources will also translate into ensuring a stable raw materials base for the Enea Group, of which we make part”saidKrzysztof Szlaga, President of the Management Board of LW Bogdanka S.A.