Environment - opportunities, risks, efficiency

We minimize the mine's impact on the natural environment by consciously managing Bogdanka's environmental and climate impacts.

Our activities also include identifying risks and opportunities created by climate change. We systematically identify risks and opportunities so that we can counteract or leverage them.

Our environmental priorities and measures taken:



Prevention and removal of mining damage

Implementing the most efficient procedures possible to streamline the processing of mining damage claims

Maintaining recovery methods for mining waste

Recovering mining waste, including analyzing new opportunities for the use of coal mining by-products, including the initiation of a procedure related to the recognition of mining waste with a granulation of 20-50 mm as a by-product

Increasing the electricity use efficiency

Establishing a team to develop a methodology for calculating the carbon footprint for the base year, to which the next step will be to adopt optimization targets

ograniczenie wpływu działalności na bezpieczeństwo lokalnego otoczenia przyrodniczego

Protection of local biodiversity and rehabilitation of affected areas; supporting and/or initiating projects in the field of education on sustainable development, biodiversity, environmental protection

We identify and evaluate environmental aspects related to our operations, monitor and develop environmental programs. LW Bogdanka Group strictly adheres to legal requirements and holds all permits required by law, complies with standards and BAT (Best Available Technology) requirements. 
We talk openly about our impacts on the environment – including the negative ones – and the ways to minimize them. Environmental reports and forecasts are published and made available on the websites of the authorities and the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection. We also regularly publish sustainability reports.