Environmental risk management

What environmental risks we identify and how do we prevent them:

Risk: Hazards to the aquatic environment
What we do: Ongoing monitoring of operations in this respect, oversight and reviews and, if needed, modernization of individual installations. We also provide relevant training to employees in this area on an ongoing basis.

Risk: Improper handling of chemical substances 
What we do: Continuous access and the crew is regularly familiarized with the rules of safe use of chemicals and ongoing monitoring of the regulations in this respect.

Risk: Failure to adapt the organization to new environmental regulations
What we do: Continuous monitoring of legal acts being introduced and planned to be introduced and decisions of industry authorities.  

The key risks in the environment category, as defined in the risk management system, for which management actions are taken and reported, are:

  • Risk associated with reclamation and mining damage
  • Risk associated with the tightening of standards and regulations on environmental law standards and the obligation to obtain environmental permits
  • Risk associated with the management of waste generated after the expansion of the mining area
  • Investment risk associated with the presence of protected areas