Information policy

The main objective of the LW Bogdanka Information Policy is to build the trust of capital market participants.

The specific objectives are as follows:

1. Effective communication through available and lawful tools of communication.

2. Publishing accurate, reliable and complete information to the extent and by the time required by the applicable law.

3. Providing equal access to information about the Company’s business activities, primarily through:

    a) properly performing disclosure requirements related to operations on the regulated market,
    b) applying corporate governance principles,
    c) ensuring communication with capital market participants by undertaking activities targeted at, and tailored to, the information needs of specific groups of capital market participants, based on the best standards and market practices.

The target audience of the information policy are capital market participants, in particular domestic and foreign individual and institutional investors.

Tools used for communication with capital market participants:

  • Electronic System for Information Transfer (Elektroniczny System Przekazywania Informacji, ESPI) – meeting the disclosure requirements in connection with admission of shares to trading on the regulated market;
  • Electronic Information Base (Elektroniczna Baza Informacji, EBI) – distributing reports on corporate governance;
  • Investor Relations Service containing information about the Company, including reports, statements, fact sheet, corporate news, information about the Company’s governing bodies, etc.;
  • Conferences discussing results for analysts and media representatives, each time after publication of financial results - recordings of the meetings are posted on;
  • Chat of individual investors with the President of the Management Board – each time after the publication of financial results;
  • Teleconferences for foreign investors – each time after publication of financial results;
  • Meetings of the Directors and Investor Relations team with individual investors;
  • Meetings of the Directors and Investor Relations team with analysts;
  • Day-to-day e-mail correspondence and phone calls with the representatives of funds, analysts and individual investors – reply within one business day;
  • Taking part in roadshows and conferences organised in Poland and Europe with the participation of the Directors and Investor Relations team;
  • Support related to the organization of General Meetings – recordings of the General Meetings are promptly published on;
  • Meetings with analysts and investors at the Company, combined with meetings and talks with the Directors and Investor Relations team.