Strategic objectives

Strategic objective
To ensure the highest level of occupational safety
  1.     1. to eliminate fatal and serious accidents;
        2. to reduce accident rate among LWB employees;
        3. to reduce accident frequency rate among LWB employees;
        4. to take actions to reduce the number of accidents among subcontractor employees;
        5. to maintain a low level of occupational diseases;
        6. to eliminate instances of non-compliance with the applicable OHS procedures;
        7. to step up controls of documentation compliance with the requirements of OHS regulations.
Local community
Strategic objective
To ensure safety and stimulate development of the local community
  1. to counteract the effects of social consequences of mining damage;
  2. to counteract negative social phenomena in the local environment;
  3. to promote local community development activities;
  4. to support education and development in the mining industry.